Fayetteville, AR

June 4: Bar meeting at the Washington County Historic Society Building with a tour of Archibald Yell's Office (picnic lunch)

July 2: Bar meeting with speaker Don Eliot

August 6: Bar meeting with speaker Suzanne Clark

September 10: Bar meeting TBA

October 1: Bar meeting: State of Washington County (Part 2) with Judges Zimmerman, Threet, Martin, and Storey Bryan



Membership Fees

Annual member dues are due January 1 each year.

The membership fees are $40per year

OR  $20per year for attorneys licensed less than 2 years.

You may pay an officer at a meeting or you may mail payment, along with your contact information to:  

PO Box 3316, Fayetteville, AR 72702.

The Washington County Bar Association meets the first Monday of every month at noon at Mermaids Restaurant in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

For  information our upcoming or most recent events, check out our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @AR_WCBA !

Meeting Cancellation Policy:

If Fayetteville Public Schools are closed because of inclement weather, the Bar meeting is cancelled.  Check social media for rescheduled meeting dates.

If the First Monday falls on a public holiday, check social media for a new meeting date.